Ian Filippini: Santa Barbara Eats: American Fare

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Ian Filippini

Santa Barbara Eats: American Fare

Santa Barbara has lots and lots to offer!  There is plenty to do, see, and especially eat here.  There are over six hundred different restaurants in the Santa Barbara area, and many different types of food within these restaurants.  This article will focus on the wonderful and familiar restaurants that have an American flair in Santa Barbara.  Though Santa Barbara does have a strong Spanish and Mexican history, many different cultures offer their food here in Santa Barbara.  Ian Filippini has been a long time resident of Santa Barbara.  Ian Filippini moved to Santa Barbara from Pacific Grove in 1999 and hasn’t stopped eating since.  In this article Ian will discuss some of his favorite places to get American food in the Santa Barbara area.

Ian Filippini loves a good burger and also appreciates a friendly and local atmosphere.  You are able to get just this when you decide to eat at Joe’s Café and Bar on State Street in downtown Santa Barbara.  Ian has been frequenting Joe’s since he moved here in 1999.  Joe’s is known for their classic menu items and strong drinks, which Ian Filippini is also fond of. Joe’s is the place where the staff knows your face, if not remembers you name!  Locals definitely love and appreciate this about Joe’s.

For more great American food Ian loves Harry’s in Loreto Plaza in Santa Barbara.  Harry’s is a lot like Joe’s, according to Ian Filippini.  The portions here are hearty and the staff usually recognizes Ian Filippini here too.  Ian and the family like that there are old historical pictures up at Harry’s.

For very casual American food Ian loves to eat at the Habit.  The Habit is one of Ian Filippini’s favorite fast food burger joints.  Ian Filippini’s favorite item here is the classic charburger.

Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. was founded by Ian Filippini. He is also able to oversee Filippini Wealth Management, Inc.’s day to day operations. Never alone, his brother Alex Filippini, is always close by to lend a hand. Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. is one stop shop designed to provide value to our clients. Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. and Ian take the time to understand the client’s goals and the best way to implement those goals.

Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. is located in Montecito, California. Ian Filippini and his parents, Alfred Filippini (dead) and Deborah Filippini decided to move the family to the Santa Barbara area. Ian has traveled the world and agrees with all the locals that Santa Barbara is the place to live! Ian Filippini is not an attorney. Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. is not a law firm.

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Ian Filippini: Dos and Don’ts for the Will Making Process

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Ian Filippini

Dos and Don’ts for the Will Making Process

For the most part, Ian Filippini explains we all know that we should have a last will and testament.  Not only that, for we know that that will must be current and legal also.  Creating a will does not have to, but should be done with a lawyer or a financial professional, to make sure that it has all of the legal components that it should.  Making a will seems pretty simple though right?  You just write down whom you want to get whatever stuff you may have left when you die.  Easy, right?  Unfortunately it is not that easy.  Ian Filippini is an estate planning professional and financial consultant.  In this article, Ian Filippini will briefly list things that you should include in your will and things that should not go into your will.

Ian Filippini says that an important part of your will that you may not have thought of, is choosing an executor.  An executor of your will is the person who will handle the distribution of property and assets listed in the will.  Without an executor, Ian Filippini says that probate could get ugly.

Another important part of your will, according to Ian Filippini, should be to choose guardians for any minor or special needs children that you have.  Ian Filippini says that it is important also for pet care to be stated in your will, if necessary.

One thing that will make your will more complicated, or even invalid is leaving conditional gifts, says Ian Filippini.  If the condition of the gift is never met, where does that gift then go?

Lastly, Ian Filippini says that you should not put any final medical wishes in your will.  Ian Filippni says these wishes should be stated in a healthcare directive. Filippini Financial Group, Inc. can be found on Coast Village Road in Montecito (just outside of Santa Barbara). The current president of Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is Ian Filippini. Ian Filippini and Filippini Financial Group, Inc. have obtained years of experience and firsthand knowledge. This allows Ian Filippini to provide their clients with value in many different areas including: estate planning, insurance, real estate and taxation.

Alfred Filippini and Deborah Filippini raised Ian Filippini with his brother Alex Filippini (also worked with Filippini Financial Group, Inc.). Alfred passed away in 2009. Deborah is still alive and well.

No legal advice is given or intended to be given. Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm and Ian Filippini is not an attorney. All legal advice should be provided by a licensed attorney. If you or someone you know have legal questions or concerns, contact a local attorney.

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Ian Filippini: Do I Have To Leave Anything To My Spouse or Children?

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Ian Filippini

Do I Have To Leave Anything To My Spouse or Children?

Ian Filippini is an estate planning professional and financial consultant who has helped many of his clients prepare a last will and testament.  The most common beneficiaries on wills that Ian Filippini has seen are the spouses and children of the person creating the will.  This usually makes the most sense, because usually your spouse and your children are the people closest to you in your life.  Usually people don’t even question whether they will leave parts of their estate to their spouses and children because it is a given.  However, Ian Filippini has had the experience of a client asking the question: do I legally have to leave anything to my spouse and children?  This may sound like a harsh question, but the truth is that many things can happen over the course of a lifetime.  Sometimes relationships go bad, even when you are not expecting them to, or wanting them to.  In this article, Ian Filippini will briefly answer the question of whether or not you are legally obligated to leave your estate to your spouse and children.

Ian Filippini wants you to know that there are laws that protect surviving spouses from being destitute after their spouse dies.  In other words, Ian Filippini says that you cannot completely disinherit your spouse in your will.  Especially if you live in a community property state, your spouse already legally owns half of your estate anyway.  So, you are not required to leave your spouse anything in your will, but they will be able to legally claim it anyway.

Ian Filippini says that children are another story.  Ian Filippini says that you can legally disinherit your children from your estate totally.  If you want to make sure that they get nothing, Ian Filippini says you must state this in the will. Ian Filippini is not an attorney, nor is Filippini Financial Group, Inc. a law firm. No advice is given or intended to be given. If you have any legal questions, please consult with your attorney.

Ian Filippini grew up with his brother, Alex Filippini. Both were raised by their parent: Alfred Filippini and Deborah Filippini. Alfred (original founder of Filippini Financial Group, Inc.) is longer with us and passed away in 2009.

The current president of Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is named Ian Filippini. Ian Filippini and Filippini Financial Group, Inc. with their several years of experience and firsthand knowledge, are able to provide their clients with value in many different areas. They include: estate planning, insurance, real estate and taxation. Ian Filippini also sets aside time to write different articles relating to different current economic topics.

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Ian Filippini: Santa Barbara: Get To Know The Area

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Ian Filippini

Santa Barbara: Get To Know The Area

Let’s take a drive down the 101 South through Santa Barbara and I will give you an idea of what can be found in the different areas.

Gaviota – Fairly barren area with ranches, bluffs and beaches to have your fun. This is a great spot for beach camping, but is pretty far out of the way.

Goleta – A fairly new city, Goleta is home to Ila Vista and UC Santa Barbara. Costco, Target, gas and food are in abundance here. Usually a great pit stop area.

Santa Barbara – State Street is the main attraction boasting many stores, restaurants and movie theatres. You must visit downtown to get your bearings and see what Santa Barbara is all about.

Montecito – Considered to be the wealthy part of Santa Barbara (what part is not wealthy?). Many movie stars, producers and musicians live or have houses here. There are a few casual spots to visit, but it is mostly fine dining.

Summerland – A fun little beach town about 2 miles long and maybe a mile deep. This section of Santa Barbara is made up mostly of small mom and pop restaurants and antique stores.

Carpinteria – This is your last stop (if traveling South) to stop for gas or food in the Santa Barbara area (otherwise 25 minutes to Ventura). Known for having the world’s safest beach Carpinteria is very similar to Santa Barbara in the 1950’s.

La Conchita – Located just of Santa Barbara’s 101 Freeway. La Conchita is at the very end of Santa Barbara County, just on the line of Ventura County. The small town is carved into the hillside and has made the news for deadly mudslides in the last 10 years.

Filippini Wealth Management was founded by Ian Filippini. Ian Filippini takes a personal interest in overseeing and managing the day to day operations of the business. Along with his younger brother, Alex Filippini, they are able to provide their clients with unprecedented customer service. Filippini Wealth Management was specifically designed to be a one stop shop to provide value to our clients in the areas of taxation, insurance and real estate. Ian Filippini will take the time to make sure everyone understands the client’s goals and what the best way is to implement their goals.

Filippini Wealth Management is located near Santa Barbara, in a town called Montecito. Filippini Wealth Management’s office is located just outside of the Santa Barbara city limits. Ian Filippini’s parents, Alfred Filippini (deceased) and Deborah Filippini decided to move the family to the Santa Barbara area in the 1990’s. Ian Filippini has traveled the world and agrees with all the locals that Santa Barbara is the only to live!

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Ian Filippini: How to Save Money Living in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

How to Save Money Living in Santa Barbara

The idea of saving money while living in Santa Barbara might seem impossible, but if you are willing to put forth the effort, there are a plethora of ways to keep more money in your pocket. Filippini Wealth Management Inc. is one of the city’s premier financial adviser companies. President Ian Filippini and his team offer tips, advice and guidance to ensure that you are making sound financial decisions and investing your money wisely. You can call Filippini Wealth management Inc. to schedule a time to talk to Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, but in the meantime, look at these money-saving opportunities and put them to good use.

Cut Down on Water Usage

There is a drought in the city, and by reducing the amount of water that you use, you are not only helping the entire city, but also reducing your monthly utility costs.    There are a number of fun and easy ways to save money on your water usage, including with the investment of an irrigation system, reducing lawn watering and using water efficient appliances.

Reduce Electricity Cost

Santa Barbara temperatures are usually pleasant throughout the year, and if you do not want to run the air, it is often not necessary. You can reduce your electricity costs by keeping the air off and running fans, keeping a door open, and leaving the ceiling fan circulating, so make sure those tips are put to good use. Additionally, the following tips will help reduce electricity costs:

  • Use energy efficient appliances whenever possible
  • Choose CFL light bulbs over traditional light bulbs
  • Keep the blinds closed when the sun is at its peak, but use it when natural lighting is needed.
  • Use room darkening shades in the bedroom.

Head for Consignment

Consignment shops are plentiful in the city, and you can make a nice amount of money participating while also cleaning the closets and homes of items that you no longer need. The Closet is one of the most popular clothing consignment stores in the city. They offer brand name clothing at deeply discounted prices. Along with finding great clothing items, you can also sell your gently used, name brand items and earn cash on the spot.

Use Coupons

No matter where you live, the regular use of coupons can reduce your expenses greatly. Coupons can be found in a variety of places, including in the Sunday paper, online,  and through membership clubs. Coupons are available for restaurants, clothing shops, entertainment, travel and more, so saving money is always easy no matter what you have in mind.

Transportation Costs

Cutting back on transportation costs is one of the easiest ways to save money. You will find that simple thing such as carpooling, walking or using public transportation can keep a ton of extra money in your pocket, and you might even be helping the environment while you are at it. Look at the various ways to cut transportation costs, and you will appreciate the extra money that you have left over.

Speak with Filippini Wealth Management Inc.

Another excellent way to save money is with the help of Filippini Wealth Management Inc. President Ian Filippini Santa Barbara builds personal connections with each client that he serves, ensuring that they leave the office with a clear understanding of how to better manage money and make it last longer. Filippini Wealth Management Inc. is one of the top wealth management companies in the area, and with the help of Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and his team, you are always going to be able to save the most amount of money each and every day.

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Ian Filippini: Finding Fun Things to do in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Finding Fun Things to do in Santa Barbara

No matter what brings you to the coastal Santa Barbara, California, finding a plethora of fun things to do in the city is a very simple task. The seaside community has a mixture of people from all ages groups, including the wild and rambunctious college students attending the University of California, retired couples and those who are in the city raising their children. From historic and cultural activities to water-based adventures, shopping and dining, you will never run out of things to do in Santa Bambara. Here we will look at the top attractions in the SB area.

Downtown Santa Barbara Attractions

State Street is the main street in the city, and there visitors will find an ample amount of enjoyable inside and outside activities. May historical buildings are located within this area, and there is a better than average arts scene there as well.  It is a good idea to explore downtown Santa Barbara on foot  so you are able to enjoy all of the activities that is offered. A few of the main downtown attractions include:

  • The SB Historical Museum: At this museum you can encounter many different forms of art that date back as early as the 15th century. Ian Filippini, President of Filippini Wealth Management finds this one of the most intruding attractions in town.
  • El Presidio: El Presidio has been a part of the SB community since 1872. It is a military fortress, and one of the last, that was built by the coast of Alta. The historical park is on the corner of East Canon Perdido Street, and has all of the characteristics of the original site.
  •  SB Courthouse: The SB Courthouse has been around for nearly 160 years now, and continues to serve as a local government office. The lush grounds is the main attraction to the courthouse, but the historical value present in the home is just as spectacular to enjoy.
  • Museum of Art: The Museum of Art is another State Street art gallery. It has been a part of the city since 1914. There are many exciting collections and exhibits from local artists and special collections from well-known names.
  • Stearn’s Wharf: Stearns Wharf has many outside shops, coffee shops, restaurants and, of course, lots of fun activities for children and adults alike. Pelicans enjoy calling the Wharf home, so be ready to encounter some of these while you’re there.
  • Jane Restaurant: Jane is located on State Street, and this is a restaurant that you will not want to miss out on visiting. You will find a menu loaded with American and California specialties dining here.

There is so much more to do in the downtown area than what is listed here. Any day of the week, regardless of what you find fun to do and no matter who you want to take along for the adventure, the downtown SB area will not disappoint you. Plan to set aside a few hours of time if you are going to downtown. There is just that much for you to explore in the area.

Talk to Filippini Wealth Management

Once you have completed your tour of these attractions in downtown, make your way to Montecito and to the Filippini Wealth management, Inc. office. President Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and his team have a slew of financial services to help you live life to the fullest while keeping more money in your bank account. They can ensure that you are making the best financial decisions to secure a wonderfully secure future for yourself and your family. With their help, you will always live the life that makes enjoying Santa Barbara a simple pleasure.

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Ian Filippini: Daring Adventures in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Daring Adventures in Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara spends a great deal of his time working for others as president of Filippini Wealth Management Inc. Inside of his office it is a professional atmosphere where he and his team are hard at work ensuring that everyone is making the best financial decisions possible. However, even Mr. Filippini understands that all work and no play makes for a pretty boring life, and enjoys taking off the suit and living life to the fullest. It is for that reason that Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, and his team at Filippini Wealth Management Inc. , enjoy the many adventures that the city has to offer as often as possible. There are a great number of adventures that await, but some of those adventures aren’t for everyone. If you are a thrill seeker that enjoys the ‘other’ kind of fun, there is plenty for you to do in Santa Barbara. Let’s take a look at some of the most ‘daring’ things to do in the city. No more do you have to sit back bored and wishing there was adventure in your life.

Kayak the Sea Caves

If you don’t mind getting wet, kayaking through the Santa Cruz Island sea caves is an adventure that you cannot miss. This island sits approximately 20 miles from the Santa Barbara coastline, and by kayaking adventure is the only way to enjoy the caves, which once were volcanic. There are a number of agencies that can help you plan an unforgettable kayaking adventure.

Visit the Santa Barbara Snake Rescue

This organization provides rescue services for snakes, and during the weekend, you can find them out front of the Paseo Nuevo shopping center, snake in hand, ready for you to enjoy touching, holding and simply having an up close and personal look at the snakes.

Jump from the Sky

Okay, technically you won’t be jumping out of the sky, but, bungee jumping is certain to be a daring, unforgettable adventure no matter what kind of building you are jumping from. If you aren’t quite ready for bungee jumping, how about a ride in a hot air balloon or even a little paragliding? There are a number of companies in the area that can assist you in making any of these adventure come true.

Wetsuit Up and go Surf

There is no shortage of surfing fun in Santa Barbara, but if you want to add even more intrigue and excitement to things, how about you head out to the Thousand Steps Beach for your scuba diving adventure? This beach is in between Ledbetter and East Beaches, and one of the most beautiful strips of water you will ever lay your eyes upon.


So another not-so-dangerous activity, but nonetheless one that is very daring, is karaoke. There are several karaoke bars in the city, and even fun karaoke events that take place at various other locations, such as the Farmer’s Market. You can sing until your heart is content, or until the audience leaves, whichever comes first. Even if you cannot carry a tune, there is something so exciting about karaoke.

Danger… If you Dare

The activities listed above are just a handful of the many exciting adventures available to those in the city. Whether you reside in SB full-time, have a vacation home in the city or simply want to visit, these are among the fun things that you can involve yourself with. Do not miss out on a single moment of fun, and be sure that some of these activities are listed on your itinerary… if you dare.



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Ian Filippini: Fun Festivals in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Fun Festivals in Santa Barbara

Who doesn’t love a good festival? If you are in the Santa Barbara area, many festivals come to the city each and every year. Whether you’re someone that enjoys the theater and arts, film, food or wine, these many festivals can provide you with a splendid time. While the list of festivals in the area is far too great to mention in one single article, Ian Filippini Santa Barbara doesn’t want you to miss out on all of the happenings. Take a look at some of the Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. president’s top recommended festivals and mark your calendars.

California Wine Festival

The California Wine Festival takes place each July, and as the name suggests, this event brings together hundreds to thousands of wine lovers from Santa Barbara and beyond.   The festival is the largest of its kind in all of California, and is filled with fun for all. Music, food, games, and wine are all a part of this celebration that you will not want to miss.

Earth Day Festival

The Earth Day Festival is a favorite of Ian Filippini Santa Barbara. This festival has been a tradition since 1969. The purpose is to bring awareness to the earth and how to make it a better place. The event takes place at the Alameda Park and has more than 200 different exhibits, all related to recycling and other ways to do your part to help the world.

Avocado Festival

This festival is known as the Avofest to the locals. It lasts for three days and features live music, avocado made foods, and fun for all ages. Many people are unaware that the city of SB is the third largest producer of avocados in the entire U.S.!

French Festival

The French Festival is held at Oak Park each year. For people with an interest in France and all things French, this is a can’t miss event. Around 20,000 people are in attendance of the event each year, and there is always something fun going on to pique the interest of all. You can enjoy dancing, music, crepes and so much more.

International Film Festival

The International Film Festival is an annual event that residents of the city have come to love, but it also attracts visitors from around the world. Those in attendance have the chance to watch a number of international films while enjoying meet and greets, food, award ceremonies and more.

Goleta Lemon Festival

Things get a little lemon-y at this annual festival held in October as the lemon crop becomes plentiful in Santa Barbara. There are lots of lemon-related activities taking place, such as a pie-eating contest, but there is so much more also going on at the weekend long event, including  car show, arts and crafts, vendors and more.

Old Spanish Days

This festival is one of the most anticipated of the year. Santa Barbara has a strong Spanish  background, and this festival brings out all of the Spanish history and influence the city offers. This festival has been around for the past 80 years and is considered in the top 5 festivals in the U.S.  the fiesta lasts for a total of five days, and brings together real Mexican food, songs, dancing and even a fun rodeo!

No matter what time of the year, there is always a fun-filled festival awaiting your arrival, including those listed above. There are many additional festivals not listed here as well. Make sure that you are a part of the celebrations and do not miss out on creating a spectacular time and many fond memories that will last a lifetime!

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Ian Filippini: Ian Filippini Tells Best Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini Tells Best Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara

Few cities offer the same outdoor amenities as Santa Barbara, California. Tucked between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains, the city sits upon a gorgeous coastline with magnificent beaches and boasts a magnitude of pleasures underneath a baby blue sky. There is plenty to do indoors in the city, but it is too beautiful to stay inside all of the time.

Enjoying the City

Since staying inside isn’t something that you want to do while in this city, and with so much to see and do, there is no reason to miss out on the adventures that await you in the city. Hiking is a popular pastime of Santa Barbara residents and visitors alike.  A walk along the nature paths of the city can open a new, exciting world of unknown treasures and help you discover so much about the city that you might have never before experienced. Santa Barbara is a great town, but when you begin exploring the nature walks and trails in the town, you discover so much more.

Ian Filippini wears a suit and tie by day while at the office of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., but when the weekend rolls around, he might just be someone whose path you cross during one of your nature walks. Ian Filippini recommends the following trails for your enjoyment.

Tunnel Trail

Tunnel Trail leads to the La Cumbre Peak, at an elevation of 3,995 feet. The course is about 5.5 miles, uphill, and a trail that requires a lot of endurance to conquer. But, once you do there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you made it to the top. You will find the Jesusita Trail split amidst your walk, as well as 7 Falls. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and a hat if you’re trailing this hike. There is little shade, and it does get hot. On top of that there are a lot of rocks along the way. Nevertheless, this tough trail is one that you do not want to miss experiencing for yourself if the great outdoors sound good to you.

Cold Spring Trail

Cold Spring Trail is not a trail that beginners will want to try, but a definite winner for those with a bit more experience. Extending toward the Montecito Peak, the Cold Spring Trail starts with a flowing creek that turns into an uphill adventure over waterfalls. Progressing on, hikers find the steepening grade a challenge, but one that is well worth the rewards when you make it through. Choose to submit the Montecito Peak or change your path and head toward Forbush Flat or Blue Canyon.

San Ysidro Trail

Located south of downtown is the San Ysidro Trail, a nice trail with excitement from start to finish. The trail leads to a beautiful waterfall, making this perfect for couples looking for a little bit of special time with their loved one.  Of course, the whole family can enjoy the hike and the waterfalls they encounter just as much as a couple.  The San Ysidro Trail is about 4.5 miles long. There are great views of the city throughout those miles.

Jesusita Trail

The San Roque Road is a great seven-mile trail that starts close to the Cater Water Treatment Plant. Along the hike, you’ll see outstanding landscape and the best views of Santa Barbara and the ocean, too.  There’s lots of colors along the path, as well as nice rocks and greenery. Elevate to the top of Inspiration Point, 1,200 feet from the head of the trail.

Red Rock Trail

Red Rock Trail is a 3.5 mile hike that leads to the river. Additionally there are a number of pools leading up to the river for hikers to enjoy. There’s lots of interesting artifacts and sites along the way. This is a hike that is great for beginners as well as those with experience who simply want to explore more of the city.

Each of the hiking trails listed above are recommended by Ian Filippini, and sure to appease your needs for fun outdoor adventures. As President of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., Ian is concerned with everyone living in or visiting the city of Santa Barbara and has a desire to help them find the most fun that the city has to offer. Together with his company, Mr. Filippini provides some of the soundest financial advice your money can buy. Whether you’re in need of tax advice, retirement planning or wealth management, the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. can give you what you need!


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Ian Filippini: How to Start a Business in Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini

How to Start a Business in Santa Barbara

Are you interested in starting a business in Santa Barbara? Many people come to the city for this exact purpose, and what better city in the entire state for a new business? The city is an upscale, affluent community with a long-list of celebrities and other elite names calling it home. Business is good in the area, and with so many visitors coming in and out each year, there’s no wonder why.

Long-Time Santa Barbara Business Thrives Today

Starting a business in Santa Barbara isn’t hard to do, as long as you understand the proper steps to take. If you don’t believe us, just ask Ian Filippini, president of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. His company has been a part of the community for more than 15 years now, offering residents of the city a variety of wealth management services. Mr. Filippini and his talented group at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. have done things right from the start, and continue to see success in their business each day.

If you have your business idea, you have the first thing needed to start your business. But first, take a look at the competition in the area. Opening a business that is unique will  certainly create more appeal. If you have a restaurant concept, discover the type of food that is lacking in the city.

The Money You Need

How about financing for the business? You need money to open your business. Hopefully you already have some money saved, but there are loans, grants and other funding sources available to help with the amount that you do not have. Remember that loans must be paid back, and your credit will be used to determine loan amounts until your business has been established.

What’s Your Name?

Choosing a name for your business is also something that must be done, and registering it with the county is required. The name selected for your business should reflect the type of store that you are operating, as well as be something that is unique and easy for customers to remember. There is a fee associated with obtaining a business license in the city. This fee must be paid each year to renew the license.

Business Location is Important

Next, choose a location for your business. The downtown area is very popular for new businesses, particularly along State Street, but many other terrific locations exist. Take a look at the costs of renting in several different areas before deciding, as well as the products and services that you are offering to help determine the best area for your business. Ian Filippini chose the downtown area for the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. office location, however, a second office has also been opened to take care of the needs of all clients within the area.

What is a Business Plan?

Before you attempt to do anything with your business make sure that you have a business plan in place. This can help you get higher loan amounts when applying, as well as enhance the odds of your business being a success for many years to come. The business plan is a short, one to two page document that outlines the design and plan of your business, as well as the expected amount of income from that business.

Are there Incentives?

In the state of California, incentives are offered to individuals to encourage the opening of their new business. Taking advantage of these incentives can provide you with a can’t refuse offer that helps your business explode on the scene. A Workforce Development incentive is offered in the state. This is a program designed to help a certain group of workers find employment when there are barriers standing in their way. Another incentive is one designed for individuals opening a business for research purposes. These are only two of the many types of incentives offered for new business owners in the city. Do not miss out on these incentives and the great benefits that come along with them.

Your New Business Will Change your Life

Opening a business in Santa Barba could change your life. While there are several more steps that should be taken to open your business in addition to those listed above, knowing these things can certainly make it easier to get things going and get started on making all of your dreams come true. Owning and operating a business in the city isn’t as hard as what you thought, so do not miss out on making all of your dreams come true!

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